Member Benefits

In addition to participation in TAGD meetings, membership offers numerous other advantages. District and Associate Member staff are invited to participate in TAGD’s Google Group Forums, where members receive regular updates on Legislative matters and tracking reports, meeting information, and other groundwater updates. Members may also use the group to easily ask questions of all other members or disseminate relevant information. Voting District Members are invited to participate on TAGD Committees, where individuals can have input on state-wide matters ranging from outreach and education to policy positions to drought recovery and aquifer storage. Associate Members receive a spot on TAGD’s website and gain access to a network of groundwater conservation districts all across the state. All members may take advantage of TAGD’s information resources.

District Membership

Current District Members

District Membership is limited to Groundwater Conservation Districts and political subdivisions with specific legal authority related to the management of groundwater as described in Chapters 35 and 36 of the Texas Water Code. In order to apply for District Membership, a district must complete and submit a district membership application form and a copy of its enabling legislation. After review and approval by TAGD’s Executive Committee, the district is a voting member of TAGD. TAGD offers a one-year complimentary membership to new districts beginning on the date of approval of the application for membership.

Associate Membership

Current Associate Members

Associate membership is open to any person or entity supportive of TAGD and its goals that completes and submits an associate membership application form. Upon approval by the TAGD membership, Associate members may participate in and make presentations at regular membership meetings, but may not vote on TAGD business.

Membership Dues

In May 2018, the TAGD membership voted to change the dues structure for TAGD members. Starting October 1, 2018, annual TAGD membership dues will be as follows in the chart below. First year membership fees for new members will be billed on a prorated basis depending on when the application form is submitted.



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