Supporting Texas GCDs and their efforts to conserve, preserve, and protect Texas groundwater.


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The Texas Alliance of Groundwater Districts (TAGD) works to promote and support sound management of groundwater based on local conditions and good science. TAGD provides educational and technical assistance to member districts and the public, serves as a resource on groundwater issues with state officials, assists members in keeping current with state law, and is a central point of contact for information on groundwater issues and practices.  

TAGD also provides members with an efficient means of communicating and exchanging information on the day-to-day management of local groundwater resources. TAGD members form a network of valuable technical and operational experience and knowledge, facilitating information exchanges that work to save districts both time and money.

TAGD members represent 80 local groundwater conservation districts in Texas and 36 groundwater-related consulting firms, law firms, and other businesses.  TAGD urges nonmember groundwater conservation districts and entities with an interest in groundwater to become members. Your memberships benefit groundwater conservation districts and the public by furthering the policies and goals of TAGD. To find out how you can benefit by becoming a member, go to our Membership Page.

TAGD Meetings

Let's do business!

TAGD holds regular business meetings three times a year to discuss groundwater advances, address membership needs, and provide networking opportunities.

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Texas Legislative Issues

Texas Legislature

TAGD follows groundwater-related legislation during the Legislative Session. Go to our Legislative Page for session summaries and TAGD resolutions thanking legislators for their efforts. 

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District Information

Frio River

Find out if your District is a member of TAGD and how to contact TAGD members.

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About us

The Texas Alliance of Groundwater Districts supports Texas groundwater conservation districts and their efforts to conserve, preserve, and protect Texas groundwater.

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We have been a member of TAGD for many years and I really appreciate the networking aspect – if I have a question about how other groundwater districts operate, I can get quick and helpful answers through TAGD.  The legislative updates keep me up to date and organized on legislative matters, and the meetings are very informative and a lot of fun.

The legislative updates provided by TAGD have been invaluable. They keep me informed when I don't have time to track bills myself.  I also enjoy being a part of TAGD and appreciate the resources it provides.  TAGD gives my district access to the latest information on groundwater management in Texas.

Our district was a charter member of TAGD and has remained an active participant. TAGD provides a uniquely shared experience in management and administration. Nowhere else can one learn better about the diversity of issues that face GCDs across the state and the variety of approaches being used to resolve those issues.