Exhibitor Terms & Conditions

  • GENERAL. The acceptance of this exhibit registration does not carry nor imply endorsement or sponsorship of the product or service by TAGD. TAGD reserves the right to restrict any exhibit or sponsorship because of noise, method of operation, or any behavior that is judged dangerous or objectionable; and to prohibit, or to evict, that which is considered to detract from the general character of the exhibit area. This general restriction includes persons, things, conduct, printed matter, or anything deemed objectionable by TAGD. In the administration of such restriction or eviction, TAGD is not liable for any refund or other exhibitor expenses.
  • INTERACTION. TAGD expects all exhibits and exhibit staff to actively engage with the Event attendees during exhibit show hours (namely all breaks in the agenda). It is expected that all activity that takes away from interaction with the attendees will be avoided. Examples of such activity could include frequent cell phone calls and leaving your booth unattended. All points not covered are subject to the decision of TAGD.
  • RESTRICTIONS ON THE USE OF SPACE. All demonstrations, interviews, or other activities, such as the distribution of circulars and advertising matter of any description, must be confined to the space defined in the sponsorship’s description. No sponsor is permitted to show goods other than those manufactured or dealt with in the regular course of business. No firm or organization not assigned exhibit space will be permitted to solicit business in any manner in conjunction with the event.
  • CANCELLATION. Cancellation requests made in writing to summit@texasgroundwater.org by July 25, 2024 will be refunded to the original payment method, less a $75 administrative fee.
  • ASSIGNMENT OF EXHIBIT SPACE. Exhibit spaces will be assigned by TAGD. TAGD reserves the right to assign space based on equitable considerations, to alter the exhibit floor plan, to change location assignments or relocate the exhibit area at any time, as it may deem necessary.
  • LIABILITIES. The Exhibitor agrees to hold harmless and indemnify TAGD and its respective employees, representatives, agents, successors and assigns, for any and all damages to its property that Exhibitor may suffer during installation or removal of an exhibit or during the exhibition or sponsorship itself, including liabilities from robbery, fire, accident, or any other destructive cause and for all injuries to any persons resulting from its exhibiting and sponsoring at this Event. Exhibitor will be held responsible for any damage done to the building by it, its employees, its agents or its independent contractors. No nails, tacks or screws may be driven into the floor, walls, or woodwork of the building. TAGD, its agents, and its employees will not be liable for failure to hold the Event as scheduled. Payments for exhibits will be returned in the event of cancellation, except that any actual expenses incurred or committed in connection with the Event will be prorated and deducted if the Event is canceled because of fire, an act of God, public enemy, strike, epidemic, or any law or regulation of public authority which makes it impossible, impractical, or illegal to hold the Event.
  • FIRE AND SAFETY HAZARDS. All exhibit decorations must be fire retardant. Open flames may not be used, nor may canopies be erected over exhibits. No combustible objects, including packing containers and/or wrapping paper, may be stored behind displays or near any electrical wiring. Sponsor agrees to take necessary measures to safeguard visitors from any hazard associated with its exhibit.
  • QUESTIONS? Questions or requests can be submitted to TAGD by emailing summit@texasgroundwater.org.

Thanks to our 2022 exhibitors!

Texas Water Resources Institute
Environmental Defense Fund
Halff Associates
Commission Shift
Collier Consulting
Hill Country Alliance
Johnson Screens
Laval Underground Surveys
LRE Water
McCrometer, Inc
Ranch Systems, Inc
Southwest Research Institute
Texas 4-H Water Ambassadors Program
Texas Groundwater Protection Committee
Texas Water Trade
USGS Oklahoma-Texas Water Science Center